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Top MUST-BUY Christmas Gifts for Studio Ghibli Fans 2019

Posted by Christopher Scintilla on

studio ghibli top christmas gifts hayao miyazaki anime fans
With Christmas just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is a daunting task.

Don’t worry! we are here to help! If you are on the hunt for the best Christmas gifts for your friends and family, and they also happen to be fans of the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, ta-da! this post is for you! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best gift ideas for Studio Ghibli Fans, that will surely help you out in gift selection.

5. Ghibli T-Shirts

Studio Ghibli Totoro Graphic tee t shirts apparel anime fashion for christmas

Every Studio Ghibli fan adores the lovable and cuddly Totoro. Now you can give someone the gift of having Totoro with them at all times by sporting one of these casual graphic t-shirts. You have many beautiful styles to choose from, so there is something for every Ghibli movie fan! These cute and soft t-shirts feature many other Ghibli favorites from classic anime films such as Spirited Away. Bring someone the joy of having these beloved characters on their t-shirts by buying one, or several, before they run out. These white tee top surely makes a perfect and stylish Christmas Gift for a Studio Ghibli Fan.

We suggest, pairing The white t-shirt with any black or blue denim for a classic look that you can't go wrong with!

4. No Face Spirited Away Christmas Ornament

no face spirited away kaonashi christmas decoration ornament

Any true Spirited Away fan needs a relic to decorate their Christmas tree. The No Face Christmas ornament is perfect for this purpose! This cute character from the highest-grossing Studio Ghibli film is sure to bring bright eyes to any lover of Spirited Away. As an ornament, it will blend right into a Christmas tree thanks to No Face sitting on a swing. It's a natural match! These ornaments are also the perfect Christmas presents for kids, they are not too small to swallow.You can present these decoration dolls as a Christmas gift to your mother as well. These are the best Christmas gift ideas for Studio Ghibli Fans of anime of any age.

3. My Neighbor Totoro Theme Carved Music Box

my neighbor totoro studio ghibli anime movie music box path of the wind by hayao miyazaki and joe hisaishi

What's this? A Totoro theme carved wooden music box? If anyone in your friend’s list is obsessed with music and all things antique and nostalgic, this would make it the best Christmas gift for him/her. This amazing and unique gift will bring joy and amazement to anyone who enjoys the music of this legendary anime films by Studio Ghibli. All someone has to do is wind up the hand crank and then listen as the beautiful “Path of the Wind” melody from My Neighbor Totoro plays out. No batteries needed! This is a gorgeous carved music box that is one of the most unique aesthetically-pleasing Ghibli-themed gifts you can give someone.

Ghibli Stocking Stuffers
studio ghibli anime christmas stocking stuffers affordable cheap gifts for family and friends phone case pen stickers

No Christmas is complete without cute and fun stocking stuffers. This year, share the magic of Studio Ghibli with friends and loved ones by giving them these artful stocking stuffers.

When you gift someone this set of 100 Studio Ghibli stickers, you give them the joy of having their favorite characters slapped onto their school supplies, instruments, phones, and anything else they want to spruce up with some Ghibli art.

Give them these unique and alluring No Face gel pens. Featuring black ink to go with No Face’s black clothing, these pens have a fine tip and will let the person you gift them to stand out with anime flair.

If someone you know has an iPhone and they love the Ghibli line of films, then a Totoro or No Face luxury silicone case is a must! Bring a smile to their face every time they look down at their phone and see their beloved anime movie characters looking back at them.

Additionally, these stocking stuffers are also not too heavy on your pocket and may be a cheap and affordable Christmas gift option for a friend or family member.

2. No Face Backpack

Trendy no face spirited away school bag backpack christmas gifts for friends family and kids from Studio Ghibli

This vibrant backpack lets your friend or loved one carry around the spirit of No Face from the legendary Japanese anime film Spirited Away. Made out of quality canvas with the ability to hold 20 liters of content, this backpack is a cute gift for children who will be heading back to school after break or trendy adults who want subtle anime-accent on a stylish bag. It comes in several colors, so there’s an option for all tastes.

1. Studio Ghibli Classic Original Movie Poster Prints

studio ghibli classic anime original japanese movie posters art prints by hayao miyazaki official best Christmas gifts

The alluring retro decor concept of these posters are a real tribute to the specific art era of classic animated Japanese cinema. The Princess Mononoke poster in particular encapsulates a golden era of Studio Ghibli. Own a part of history with these poster prints, printed on durable 150g kraft paper that adds a nostalgic and vintage vibe to every print. These are the perfect Christmas gifts for those Studio Ghibli fans to decorate their rooms and houses, and ultimately be inspired by these beautiful pieces of classic artwork.

These large posters are truly a Christmas gift with which you can’t go wrong!
Collect them all here: Studio Ghibli Original Japanese Movie Posters


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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